Is there still time to get a summer body??

Dr. Alexandria Rosa
2 min readJun 3, 2022


It is almost June!!! Kids are finishing school up, summer break is starting, and crap, I’ve got a vacation planned, a new bathing suit I’ve been eyeing online, and never lost ‘x’ pounds like I wanted so I’d feel confident to wear it in public!!!

News flash sister…it ain’t gonna happen if it didn’t happen already. But instead of stressing over that, how about using this time to make some real improvements in your health??

Healing yourself from the inside out?? Setting up some healthy and sustainable haits, routines, practices that will free you from the destructive cycle of ‘summer body’????

You can watch the video here or take a listen here

It’s not good for your physical health or mental health so let’s talk about it today. Stay tuned because all of May you’ll learn healthy holistic tips and strategies that support Brain Body Balance with the P of SPICE, focusing on your Physical health. Truly nourshing your soul with SPICE.

Knowing isn’t enough though, you can google the answer to any health question…what you’ll find here is the HOW…how can you create the space, find the time, and make things a habit with your busy busy life in a healthy and sustainable way.

So, let’s SPICE up your Brain Body Balance and I’m prescribing you today’s Daily Dose- stat!!

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